Case inflection of pronouns of the Kazakh language

Девочка и мальчик лежат на траве и рисуют

Hello, dear blog readers of our website In this article you will find a table with the inflection of pronouns of the Kazakh language. Here is the table with possessive pronouns. Yet, in another article, also you can see a table with cases of the Kazakh language.

Ataý septik
kim? (who?), ne? (what?)
Ilik septik
kimniń? (who? whose), neniń? (what?)
Barys septik
kimge? (to whom?), nege? (to what?), qaıda? (where?)
Tabys septik
kimdi? (who?), neni? (what?)
Men – I Meniń – My Maǵan – To me Meni – Me
Sen – You Seniń – Yours Saǵan – To You Seni – You
Siz – You Sizdiń – Yours Sizge – To You Sizdi – You
Ol – He/She Onyń – His/Her Oǵan – To Him/Her Ony – His/Her
Biz – We Bizdiń – Our Bizge – To Us Bizdi – Us
Sender – You Senderdiń – Yours Senderge – To You Senderdi – You
Sizder – You Sizderdiń – Yours Sizderge – To You Sizderdi – You
Olar – They Olardyń – Their Olarǵa – To They Olardy – Their
Jatys septik
kimde? (from whom?), nede? (from what?), qaıda? (where?)
Shyǵys septik
kimnen? (from who?), neden? (from what?), qaıdan? (where from?), qashannan? (since when?)
Kómektes septik
kimmen? (with whom?), nemen? (with what?), (on what?), (with what?)
Mende – I have Menen – From me Menimen – With me
Sende – You have Senen- From you Senimen – With you
Sizde – You have Sizden – From You Sizben – With You
Onda – He/She has Odan – From him/her Onymen – With him/her
Bizde – We have Bizden – From Us Bizben – With Us
Senderde – You have Senderden – From You Senderdmen – With You
Sizderde – You have Sizderden – From You Sizdermen – With You
Olarda – They have Olardan – From Them Olarmen – With Them