Дети за столом пьют сок

Welcome, dear blog readers! Once on this website, we already wrote about how is the complex continuous tense of the Kazakh language. In this article you will find examples of complex verbs in the Kazakh language.

ber — in the sense of “go” or “start” doing something

aıt ber – speak

qaraı ber – keep looking

isteı ber – keep doing

sóılese ber – keep talking

jeı ber – keep eating

jata ber – lie

kele ber – come

kel – in the sense of “go” to do something

baryp kel – go

alyp kel – bring

kórip kel – look

shyǵaryp salyp kel – accompany

eskertip kel – warn

aıtyp kel – say

ket – in the sense of “do something” before you leave

aıtyp ket – tell

eskertip ket – warn

demalyp ket – rest

tamaq jep ket – eat

jatyp ket – lie down

shyq – in the sense of “do something”, then get out

alyp shyq – take out

kóterip shyq – take out (pick up and get out)

berip shyq – give away

sóılesip shyq – talk

satyp alyp shyq – buy

ýaǵyzdap shyq – preach

júr – in the sense of “constantly or regularly” doing something

alyp júr – wear

qarap júr – see

aıtyp júr – speak

daıyndalyp júr – prepare

jattap júr – learn by heart

oıyńde saqtap júr – remember (keep in mind)

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