The nominative case (ataý septik) of nouns in the Kazakh language, the description and examples.

Именительный падеж (ataý septik)

Nominative case (ataý septik) of nouns of the Kazakh language answers the questions: kim? (who?), ne? (what?), kimder? (neler?) ( plural) and  is used for the name of a person, object or phenomenon. If we compare with the instrumental сase (kómektes septik) of nouns of the Kazakh language, we will see the following: jol (road) – jolmen (on the road).


Qazaq English Question
ana mother kim?
muǵalim teacher kim?
jaz summer ne?
qasyq spoon ne?


Qazaq English Question
balalar children kimder?
adamdar people kimder?
taýlar mountains neler?
túıeler camels neler?

Word in a sentence in the nominative case are subject.


Qazaq English Question
Syzdyq hat jazdy Syzdyk wrote a letter kim?
Ana tamaq pisirdi Mom made the food kim?
Dáris bastaldy The lecture began ne?
Kóktem jazdyń basy Spring is the beginning of summer ne?
Kóktemde egin egiledi In the spring they sow the grain field ne?
Kók shyǵady Grass grows ne?


Qazaq English Question
Stýdentter keldi Students came kimder?
Adamdar dalada júr People walk on the street kimder?
Naýryz, kókek, maýsym— kóktem aılary March, April, May – spring months neler?
Qustar keldi The birds have arrived neler?

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