Cases of the Kazakh language

Падежи казахского языка

Good day, dear blog readers Here you will see a table with cases of the Kazakh language. In addition, you can also view a table with declensions of pronouns by cases of the Kazakh language. More tables with pronouns in possessive form.

Case Questions Endings
Ataý septik (nominative) kim? ( who?), ne? ( what?) no endings
Ilik septik (genitive) kimniń? ( who?), neniń? ( what?) -nyń, -niń, -dyń, -diń, -tyń, -tiń
Barys septik (dative) kimge? (to whom?), nege? (what?), qaıda? (where?) -ǵa, -ge; -qa, -ke; -na, -ne (3rd person); -a, -e (1st, 2nd person)
Tabys septik (accusative) kimdi? ( who?), neni? ( what?) -ny, -ni; -dy, -di; -ty, -ti; -n (3rd person)
Jatys septik (local) kimde? ( from whom?), nede? (what?), qaıda? ( where?) -da, -de; -ta, -te; -nda, -nde (3rd person)
Shyǵys septik (original) kimnen? (from whom), neden? (from what?), qaıdan? (from where?), qashannan? (since when?) -dan, -den; -tan, -ten; -nan, -nen
Kómektes septik (instrumental) kimmen? ( with whom? ), nemen? (with what?), (on what?), (using what?) -men/-menen, -ben/-benen, -pen/-penen