The Kazakh Latin alphabet

Урок для двоих
A a[a]
Á á[ә]
B b[б]
D d[д]
E e[е]
F f[ф]
G g[г]
Ǵ ǵ[ғ]
H h[х], [һ]
I i[i]
I ı[и],[й]
J j[ж]
K k[к]
L l[л]
M m[м]
N n[н]
Ń ń[ң]
O o[о]
Ó ó[ө]
P p[п]
Q q[қ]
R r[р]
S s[с]
T t[т]
U u[ұ]
Ú ú[ү]
V v[в]
Y y[ы]
Ý ý[у]
Z z[з]
Sh sh[ш]
Ch ch[ч]
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The Kazakh Latin alphabet has 32 letters.

Vowels in the Kazakh language: a, á, ı, o, ó, e, ý, ú, u, i
hard: a, o, u, ý (barý), y, i
soft: á, ó, ú, i, e, ı, ý (kelý)
open: a, ó, o, e
narrow: y, ı, ú, u

Consonant sounds: b, v, g, ǵ, d, j, z, k, q, l, m, n, ń, p, r, s, t, ý, f, һ, s, ch, sh
voiceless: p, f, k, q, t, s, sh, һ, s, ch
voiced: b, v, g, ǵ, d, z, j
sonorant: r, l, ý (taý), m, n, ń

In the Kazakh language, there are nine specific sounds that are not present in English:
á, ó, ú, u, i, q, ǵ, ń, һ