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The numeral adjectives of the Kazakh language

Good day, dear blog readers of our website SoftMaker.kz! Here you can see a table with the numeral adjectives (san esimder) of the Kazakh language. San esim indicates the number of items order of items in account and answers questions: qansha? neshe? (how much?), neshinshi? (which?).

For example: otyz (neshe?) kitap — thirty books; qyryq (neshe?) adam — forty people; úshinshi (neshinshi?) qatar — the third row; besinshi (neshinshi?) bala — the fifth child.

Eseptik san esim (cardinal numeral)qansha? neshe? (how much?)no endings
Rettik san esim (ordinal numeral)neshinshi? (wich?) qaı? (wich?)-nshy, -nshi, -ynshy, -inshi
Jınaqtaý san esim (collective numeral)Nesheý? (how many?)-еу, -ау
Boljaldyq san esim (approximate numeral)neshege jýyq? qanshadaı? (approximately how much? how many?)-taı, -teı, -daı, -deı, -laǵan, -legen, -daǵan, -degen, -taǵan, -tegen, -lap, -lep, -dap, -dep, -tap, -tep
Toptaý san esim (separative numeral)nesheden? qanshadan?(how much?)Collective numerals + The original case (shyǵys septik): -nan, -nen, -dan, -den, -tan, -ten
Bólshektik san esim (fractional numeral)qansha? neshe? (how much?)DenominatorIlik septik (genitive case): -nyń, -niń, -dyń, -diń, -tyn, -tiń; numerator — the third person affix -y, -i, -sy, -si.
DenominatorShyǵys septik (original case): -dan, -den, -tan, -ten, -nan, -nen; numeratorthe third person affix -y, -i, -sy, -si.

The names of numbers are formed from numerals: úsh + tik – triples, alty + lyq – sixes.


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