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Ordinal numeral (rettik san esim) of the Kazakh language

Good day, dear blog readers! Cardinal numeral (eseptik san esim) of the Kazakh language represents the order when counting objects and answering questions qaı? (which?) neshinshi? (which account?). Rettik san esim is formed from eseptik san esim using suffixes -nshy, -nshi (if the root ends with a vowel) and -nshy, -nshi (if the root ends in a consonant). The only exception is the numeral twenty, to which is added the suffix -synshy.

The contents

Examples of ordinal numerals

Ordinal numerals are:

  • Dara (simple) and consist of one word:
First – birinshi Ninth – toǵyzynshy Eighties – sekseninshi
Second – ekinshi Tenth – onynshy Nineties – toqsanynshy
Third – úshinshi Twentieth – jıyrmasynshy Hundredth – júzinshi
Fourth – tórtinshi Thirtieth – otyzynshy Thousandth – myńynshy
Fifth – besinshi Fortieth – qyrqynshy Million – mıllıonynshy
Sixth – altynshi Fiftieth – elýinshi Billion – mıllıardynshy
Seventh – jetinshi Sixties – alpysynshy Trillion – trıllıoninshi
Eighth – segizinshi Seventies – jetpisinshi Quadrillion – kvadrıllıoninshi
  • Kúrdeli (composite) and consist of two or more words:
Twenty-first – jıyrma birinshi Three hundred second – úsh júz ekinshi
Nineteenth – on toǵyzynshy Four hundred and tenth – tórt júz onynshy
One hundred first – júz birinshi Five hundred and sixty-sixth – bes júz alpys altynshy
One hundred ninth – júz toǵyzynshy Six hundred and eight – alty júz segizinshi
One thousand nine hundred and eighty-sixth Myń toǵyz júz seksen altynshy
Two million five hundred thirty-four thousand six hundred and eighty-seventh
Eki mıllıon bes júz otyz tórt myń alty júz seksen jetinshi

When forming composite ordinal numerals suffixes are attached only to the last numeral.

The use of cardinal numerals in sentences

  • Men bıyl ekinshi kýrstan úshinshi kýrsqa óttim. This year I will go from the second to the third course.
  • Omar ýnıversıtettiń birinshi kýrsynda óte jaqsy oqydy. Omar did very well during his second year at the University.
  • Isa Abaı kóshesinde jıyrma altynshy úıdiń bir júz otyzynshy páterinde túrady. Isa lives on Abay street in the twenty-first house, in the one hundred and thirtieth apartment .
  • Aıgúl Astanadan Máskeýge dostarymen birge jıyrma segizinshi jedel poıyzben keshe keldi. Aigul came in the evening on the twenty-eighth high-speed train from Astana to Moscow together with her friends.
  • Názir Almatyǵa bes júz úshinshi ushaqpen ushyp ketti. Nazir departed from Almaty on the one hundred and third flight.
  • Sen Máskeýden Táshkente alty júz besinshi ushaqpen ushyp bardyń. You flew the six hundred and fifth flight from Moscow to Tashkent.
  • Máskeýden Shymkentke eki júz ol altynshy ushaqpen ushyp bara alasyń. From Shymkent to Moscow you will be able to fly the two hundred and sixteenth flight.
  • Omar ýnıversıtette saǵat toǵyzda alty júz qyryq jetinshi avtobýspen keledi. Omar came to University at nine o’clock by the six hundred and forty seventh bus.
  • Ospan Astanadaǵy orta mekteptiń onynshy klasyn altyn medalmen bitirip. Ospan graduated from the tenth grade of Astana high school with a gold medal and entered the University without exams.


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