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Approximate numerals (boljaldyq san esimder) of the Kazakh language

Good day, dear blog reader! Approximate numerals (boljaldyq san esimder) do not Express the exact number of objects, but merely indicate it approximately. Boljaldyq san esimder answers the questions neshege jýyq? qanshadaı? (approximately how many? what is the number?).

The contents

Examples of approximate numerals

Approximate numbers (boljaldyq san esimder) are formed from cardinal numerals in the following ways: by following two consecutive numbers (eki-úsh saǵattwo to three hours, alty-segiz jyl – six to eight years)

  • by attaching to any cardinal numerals comparative affixes daı/deı,taı/teı (jıyrmadaı – about twenty, qyryqtaı – about forty, jetideı – about seven, etc.)
  • by joining dozens, hundreds, thousands, etc. of the comparative affixes -dap/-dep, -tap/-tep, -lap/-lep (jıyrmalap – about twenty, elýlep – about fifty,   júzdep – about a hundred,   myńdap – about a thousand, etc.)
  • by joining dozens, hundreds, thousands, etc. of the comparative affixes -daǵan/-degen, -taǵan/-tegen, -laǵan/-legen (otyzdaǵan – about thirty,   alpystaǵan – about sixty, etc.)
  • by joining the endings of the plural -dar/-der, -tar/-ter, -lar/-ler and the endings of the Directional-dative (barys septik) -da/-de, -ǵa/-ge (elý-ler-de – about fifty, alpys-lar-da – about sixty, myń-dar-da – about a thousand
  • through a combination of quantitative numerals of some random words shamaly, taman, jýyq, taıaý, tarta, shaqty, jaqyn  (on shaqty – about ten, jıyrmaǵa jýyq – about twenty, qyryqqa jaqyn – about forty,   júzge jýyq – about a hundred, elýge tarta – about fifty, júz shamaly – about a hundred)

The use of approximate numerals in sentences

  • Mende júzdeı kitap bar. I have about a hundred books.
  • Qaladaǵy parkte jıyrmadaı qaz kólde júzip júr. There are about twenty geese swimming on the lake in the city park.
  • Máskeýge Almatydan eki júzdeı ánshi jáne bıshi keldi. About two hundred singers and dancers arrived in Moscow from Almaty.
  • Bizdiń aýdanda ol úıge jýyq. There are about ten houses in our area.
  • Sanata qansha jasta? Qyryqtarda. How old is Sanat? About forty.
  • Senbilikke júz shamaly adam shyqty. About a hundred people came out for the clean-up.
  • Bizdiń Pıoner lagerimizde 150 jaqyn oqýshy demaldy. About 150 school children had a rest in our pioneer camp.


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